Wolfgang Rihm VOST (EN)

Wolfgang Rihm (durée : 4'31''21)

extrait de "Jagden und Formen"pour ensemble interprété par l'Ensemble Modern, sous la direction de dominique My Enregistrement :  Deutsche Grammophon - Editeur de partition : Universal Edition AG, Vienne


" I can’t say that I « wanted to become a composer ». I didn’t even know what that was. Suddenly I was someone who composed. I was someone who always felt the urge to bring something forth, even as a child. I wrote and I made drawings, and then, I began to compose too. I can’t attribute it to any founding experience. Composition is a founding experience in itself. What is music without time ? But what would time be without music ? I believe it is an interaction. We become conscious of time when it becomes music. Composers shape time by imposing a form upon it, or let's say by enabling it to take shape. We make it possible. My writing needs very simple tools : a pencil, ink, paper… I often go to the piano to try something out, but composing a score actually happens at the desk. I can’t imagine it any other way. I need space, I need the mark, I need the mark  that writing leaves behind. When I use ink, I need the liquid substance to become visible, in fact, I need the mark the pen leaves behind  as a continuation of my nervous reactions. This is what I need for composing. This work was created by the combination of many influences. Some, which are right in the middle of the piece now came first in the beginning, and some of those which  are in the beginning now came very late. So the piece began at many ends simultaneously and it created itself – so to speak – with my help. I was a kind of gardner, helping plants to grow. An organic process. A union of four instruments playing the same line – english horn, guitar, marimba, harp – is answering to an existing homophonic structure, very broken up... and in the intermediate spaces I have freely drawn this line. It’s like a painting : you have texture, structure, and you draw a line freely into that space. That’s what I mean. That’s the way it sounds too. It acquires a perspective."